Flee the Flea: Best Relief for Flea Bites on Pets

When fleas bite us humans, it’s pretty bad. The itching, rash, and redness that come with the pesky bite could drive you nuts. Luckily for us, we know what to do about it and can act fast.

Flea bites on our pets, on the other hand; woof, they are the worst. When a flea bites them, they don’t really know what to do except scratch and wait around for you to notice so you could take action.

Fleas are tricky little demons on your beloved pets and more often than not, we notice them and their bites late. Therefore, it’s important to talk about the best relief for flea bites on pets.

What Do Flea Bites Look Like?

Flea bites are small, raised, red dots on your pet’s skin. It’s sometimes hard to see them because pets are usually covered in fur but other symptoms may present themselves like:

  • itching and scratching
  • chewing on skin
  • hair loss and scabs
  • redness and rashes
  • pustules and severe skin irritations.

If your pet shows any of these signs, they might have been bitten by fleas and it’s time to take action.

Best Relief for Flea Bites: Top 5

1. The Perfect Flea Shampoo
For immediate relief, as soon as you notice the signs of flea bites, give your furry friend a bath with anti-flea shampoo. Remember to choose your anti-flea shampoo wisely. Choose one that’s dual purpose: gets rid of the fleas while soothing your pet’s skin.

One of nature’s best gifts for flea bites is oatmeal. Oatmeal has been known to flush out toxins that cause inflammation and irritation caused by flea bites. In addition, oatmeal is also very soothing for your pet’s skin and coat.

3.Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is probably the best of the best relief for flea bites because it’s antiseptic, anti–inflammatory, and ultra moisturizing. It helps speed up healing; reduce redness, swelling, itching; and keeps your pet’s skin soft and smooth and their fur easy to brush.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar is another flea bite relief miracle worker. ACV provides relief from itching and inflammation and works well for both pets and humans.

5. Indian Lilac
If you’re dealing with one flea bite or an infestation, there’s only one word you need to remember: Neem. Neem leaves and oil get rid of irritants, are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and can help ease itching and redness. Neem can also aid in treating other skin problems like hot spots, eczema, and hives.

Flea bites are terrible, especially for your pets. Follow our top 5 relief guide above to give your pets the best relief for flea bites they deserve.  

One last thing before you go: always go all-natural. When your pet’s skin is tender from a flea bite, from scratching, and from chewing on his skin; the last thing you want to do is slap on chemicals that may burn or irritate their skin more. Choose anti-itch, anti-flea sprays, creams, or shampoos that are non-toxic, non-alcoholic, and free from animal by-products and parabens.

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