My Dog’s Flea and Itch Solution

Did you know that our dogs are susceptible to various skin problems? — which can be frustrating for me because I always want my dogs to be comfortable and happy. My dog had skin problem when I got him, and so I always find ways to products that can prevent him from scratching himself.

While it’s common and helpful for my dog’s veterinarians to diagnose skin problems, it’s also essential for me to familiarize myself with typical pet skin problems, so I can react quickly and keep his discomfort to a minimum. The first symptom I see on my dog is constant, excessive itching. Other symptoms include fur loss, either localized in a certain location or spread across my dog’s entire body. I also research about do skin problems and some are severe cases that involve redness in the skin, changes in skin pigmentation or even open sores that dogs constantly lick.

One of the most common problems in my dog is the presence of fleas, lice, and ticks, which are parasites that live on the surface of their skin and feed on their blood. These parasites’ saliva causes skin irritation and results in intense scratching. I detected lice and ticks when I checked my dog’s fur, while fleas are hard to spot with the naked eye. While you I can remove ticks and lice with tweezers — applying alcohol to relax the tick’s grip before doing so – I also adopt other methods. For instance, I give my dog a dip with special tick shampoo to eliminate ticks. Anti-Itch Spray For Pets can also be applied to the dog to kill parasites.

To apply these dog solution, you regularly spray a small amount onto your dog’s fur regularly. Some are chemical based but for my dog, I particularly use an organic Anti-Itch Spray For Pets because I always buy natural safe pet products for him.

My most annoying problem with pets is dog fleas, especially during summer season. Fleas are more than just a summer problem to some areas of the country. One reason how my dog acquires fleas is through contact with other dogs, other animals or environment. Fleas have strong back legs that let them jump from one dog to another or the environment. They don’t have wings for flying but their strong back legs are enough for them to find their next host. My dog feels itchy when they are bitten by fleas but there are dogs that are allergic or sensitive will have severe itching that can lead to hair-loss, inflammation or even to secondary skin infections. My dog that is hypersensitive to flea’s saliva will itch all over from the bite of a single flea. There are a lot of pet products that can help solve my dog problem. But still, Anti-Itch Spray For Pets is my best product for flea and itch.

As a dog owner, I know that there is no overnight solution to flea and itch problem. Controlling or getting rid of fleas is an ongoing battle. It is better to treat your pet early when you see some fleas than solving a flea infestation.

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